Saturday, January 21, 2012

Raining SaturdaY!

It was all day long we had a raining on Saturday, but today was warmer than yesterday. Also, it is a good rest day of the week for me, so I decided to make a good simple but looks good dinner at night. I think I like to do that when I have time to do, but I just wish that I could make better than that little bit. Well, I didn't have much to make breakfast and lunch, so I skip both of them... lol But I got hungry before 5pm, so I went to outside and go shopping for little bit then I came back home and started cooking for dinner. I wasn't sure what I really wanted to make, but I had some salad, tomato, cucumber, so on, then I found Tuna for dinner. Finally, all together, I made Tuna for main dish, and Rice, Salad, and some vegetable soup. It was a good dinner for me to eat for tonight.

Here is the picture
Dinner Table Set up!
Fire King Swirl Azurite

This was my plate after I pick up all!
It's been a while since I last made dinner like this, but I was able to make this again when I have free time like this. I usually don't have time for making breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the time and make simple and easy ones, but I love making all of them. So I will try to make more and more dinner like this again soon! Well, hopefully, I have a good dinner tomorrow! If not, I will just make simple like I usually make.

Have a great day!

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