Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday, GOOD DAY

I was little bit having relaxing day today and having a good time watching some drama and reading books in the morning. Then I decided to go away from house for little bit. After I came back home around 5pm, I started to cook some dinner. I just finish making dinner then I took picture what I made today. ahaha. Dinner menu is beef steak with carrot and some green onion, salad, miso soup, and beef stew. Well, I haven't taste dinner yet, but I am going to eat after I wrote this blog. I just finished cooking but I need to cool down for my body. I feel like I work out after I cooked dinner. ahaha. I am not sure why it is. Oh yeah, my dishes are Fire King Azurite Charm. It's good to have like this kind of dinner. I will miss using dishes like this. :D

here is picture
dinner before I put all of them together!

this is my side of dinner.
I just made for myself, but not eat yet. 
I hope everyone has a good day today on Saturday, and it will have a great night for everyone.

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