Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4th

I just found out that I got one class for a B my grade today, and that was last one I was waiting to know.... I kind of expected to get an A but I was thinking I might get a B for class grade... Well, which mean I was a good but not excellent enough to get an A for this class.... However, I am not sure why it is but I am ok with that now. I just wish I know all each points I got so I can know what I did not well. But I won't take the Professor another semester anymore. Well, I hope I will have a good day tomorrow, and I just need to relaxing for sometime to clear my mind now.... I wish I could get all A's for all of classes... Well, a B grade is good enough too!

Today's dinner was really really simple! I didn't want to eat much anyway... lol Well, maybe tomorrow, I will make something to eat.

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