Friday, May 11, 2012

I cook Beef Stew

I made Beef Stew for going to Japanese Table Talk tonight, and actually it was a great time for me to spend time with several people who I knew from long time. However, several people are leaving in Greenville, NC and going back to Japan in this summer. So that makes me to sad for thinking about I won't see them this Fall. However, I think this is time for changing people and coming new people around here. Well, it is a nice to know sometime, but it is not sad same time. I am sure that I have been here long time. I will be here and leaving sometime. I will be sad for when I know someone is not here when I come back to Greenville, NC but still new people will be here too. I hope I will have a good time this coming Fall when I came back to Greenville, NC in August.

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