Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's a nice day but nothing to do....

I had a good and nice day, but I didn't have much thing to do.... So I was relaxing most of time, and watched several Japanese dramas. I haven't watch a lot of dramas since I had really busy weeks for past several weeks. So it is good time to see all of them if I can but only one day is not enough to see all of what I like to see... So I decided to do watch several days. I am hopping that I will finish that sometime soon. I just want to get some days off from what I was doing. Well, it is a nice day so I should have gone to outside and played with my dogs, but I didn't do that... Maybe I will do that tomorrow. I am sure we will have a good weather this week long.

I made dinner today,here is the picture.
I bought a lot of meat so I made like this meal

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