Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Final Exam Finished.

Today, I had a first final exam afternoon, and I was able to finish earlier than I thought. Also, I already got my points for final at this time. My first final was 88 out 100, but entire class I got an A for grade. That is a good thing after all. I am so happy to see that what I got today. I think it is really first to got out my result but usually I get result of my grade like two days after final exam. So not too first to get result anyway. I am glad to see my first final and grade was an A. But I can not relax yet since I have two more exams. Well, I will finish on Wednesday all of them so I am not too worried about it. However, I should study for tonight and tomorrow morning.

curry dinner!
I had a curry dinner tonight and it looks like a good meal for me!

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