Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost Weekend....

It's Thursday night now, and I think I had a great day. I was kind of day off for some stuff, but I need to start reading a book for tomorrow and so on. I just had some thinking time for myself. Then I start working out for little bit. I want to lose some weight until I go back to Japan then lose more weight in Japan as healthy like I was used to. I just need to think that what I can do for now. BUT it is almost weekend for me. Actually, already weekend for me and I won't have anything until Tuesday next week. So I have Friday through Monday for off!!!! It is a great weekend start with quite. Also, it is a good thing that I have sometime off and think about what I have learned so far. So it is a good thing! Oh now I have a new device to use for little bit time. Also, it is a good device for using as technology stuff. I just wish I had this before. It is a good device to use for several time when I have free time, but usually I don't have much to use. ahaha. Well, I am going to use this weekend so I can use it as expert. ahaha. I am sure already people are using and know all of this what I am using. So I guess I will be become one of them if I use it all the time. Just need to know what I can do and what kind of thing I can try to use.

hana came to help me cleaning?
this picture make me happy anytime, because she look so cute and make her to be a great dog to me!!!!

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