Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sad thing!

I am having hard time to getting one person's comment all the time, but I just not sure what to do... Well, it is ok to me not all the time I get a good comment, and I am getting used it. However, I don't know who is the person so I am not able to comment back to he/she wrote that one. So also my friends said that just ignore it.... But I won't be forget what the person said. Well, it's my blog and if the person don't like to see or badly comment on this blog please not visit any at all. I am not sure why he/she coming back to here and read and comment for me that way. It's wasting his/her time. If I am going to comment like bad or not a good thing, I just won't go back to see that blog again. It's just a wasted time for me. Also, this is my blog and I will see what comment whoever did, and will have all of them on my email too. So I just wish the person stop commenting me.

Oh! this is only here to stop now. I don't like to writing this blog for like this kind of post! This is only one time blog post and no more to post again (I HOPE). It will be really annoying to people whoever read this kind of blog post. I won't like to read either. But if I don't post maybe the person who would never stop this. Well, I hope everyone has a great day.

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