Monday, May 7, 2012

little bit cool down~!

I think today's weather was not that bad since it didn't get too hot, however, I was really tired and not really able to get up in the morning. However, I just doing some reading after I woke up. So I could little bit prepare for my stuff for next week. Also, I was emailing to several people, so I could know what's going. Oh yeah, I did make some dinner later day, because I went to movie with my friend which is a good thing. I haven't been seen movie weeks, so it was a good timing to see it! I saw movie called "The Avengers". I know most of them but not all of them... lol I should have know all of them, but I have not known it.... :( However, it was a great movie to see when I have relaxing for a night. So it was a good thing!

dinner... little bit too much!

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