Thursday, May 17, 2012


(Today, I was having a relaxing day and time goes little bit slower than I usually thought. In the morning to noon, I didn't have any rush day like usually I have and so on. So I was really relaxing to spend time. From noon to 3pm, it gets little bit busy but as usual. After 3pm, I am having relaxing time again. So I was thinking about tomorrow I will have a day off, but I found out that I will have a lot of things going on. So I am not really day off and spend for myself. LOL. It 's ok. By the way, ALMOST real summer is coming to here. However, these days, we are having a cool off weather like not too hot and sometime having raining and storms. I was really good mood and not having feel down or anything for everyday. BUT I was thinking that how to get my free time for everyday of what I need to spend. ahaha. Sometime, planning is not really working for me for a day or two. I will try to manage to work on that every week and this one week. Next 6 week, I will be like this. I think!)

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