Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day on May 28th.

I was relaxing this morning for day off for Monday, because America is Memorial Day and on Monday is off for national holiday. I am not sure what to do. But instead of doing some busy day, I decided to do some short trip to away. Well, I haven't much to do but when I came back home, I started to make my dinner and lunch tomorrow. So I don't need to wake up super early morning to cook for my lunch in the morning. I made some vegetable fried, sausage looks like octopus, rice and tuna takaki. So now I am ready to eat dinner and I am prepared for lunch tomorrow! It's a good day to spend time for myself. But I will be busy tomorrow through Thursday, then I will have some days off again. I just need to prepare for my research more.

here is my dinner
this is my dinner
will be same as lunch tomorrow

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