Wednesday, November 6, 2013

last night dinner

I had a good dinner last night, and I like to eat like that sometime another night next week or maybe later
this month. I tried to make/cook some kind of a good dinner, and I like to use the my favorite dishes.
Well, it is a really simple dinner, but using a good dishes, that makes dinner meal better than what I eat...
By the way, I like to know what kind of dinner will be best to make a day. Oh yeah, it is just depend on
what you like to eat for dinner, that will be the best dinner that moment. So I even don't care about what I
am going to eat anyway. I hope this makes sense to you. I just want to say that what you like is the best
thing what you are making and cooking it.
I hope everyone has a good dinner tonight!

Dinner : beef stew, miso soup, rice and tea
Dishes : Fire King Azurite Swirl and Snoopy Mug.

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