Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Kind of New Technology will be the NEXT???

what new technology will be next?
I was thinking now what would be next technology with mobile devices... Well, smart watches are coming up from a lot of companies... Well, how about anything new? 
Huh, I don't know what to think yet, but I know that people are little bit getting tired of all smartphones. It is a good thing that new thing comes up now than in the future. However, it is hard to image a new mobile device since we have smart watch, mobile phone, cellphone, smartphone, Tablet devices, LapTops and Computers.
However, one thing we don't have yet for our life, that is less battery required devices. It is hard to maintain for all devices without battery right now. But our battery is short of time use for most of them (unless you don't use it for more than 1~2 hours a day). Well, maybe next few years people will develop to have less battery required devices... or no battery needs. I know several cellphone had solar powered charging system, but that take more time than just changing from plug. Well, maybe soon, we will have better technology for solar power charging system. Well, I like to use my cellphone anytime, but still short battery life... So sometime I need to have charger with me... 

What would you think our next technology be?


  1. Hi Murakami-san,

    I want to answer to your thoughts about new technologies that might come up and again will fascinate (saturated)people...because these technologies will have major benefits over current gen:

    1.) I hope that "Google's (Motorola) Project Ara" or "Phonebloks" or the "ZTE Eco-Möbius" OR all will soon become reality.

    Currently, there is not a single Smartphone (or mobile) at all that can be repaired (if critical parts are CPU, RAM, etc.).

    Also, you cannot upgrade anything, besides the external memory - sometimes the battery, too...but too few devices have exchangeable batteries these days.

    I think that is a very bad trend! (Hence, one of the major benefits Samsung still offers in contrast to almost all other companies)

    Why not create similar architectures like with Desktop PCs? I know SoCs are not anymore possible then, but that should not be a reason to stop.

    These modular devices would need the development of new protocols, interfaces and Buses.
    Desktop PCs should be the inspiration.

    2.) I wonder, if it were possible (&will be done), that you integrate an eInk Display to a Tablet or Smartphone.

    So these devices have 2 displays, one normal IPS Display & the eInk Display(on top...must be very thin and absolutely clear).

    If you only read text, the eInk Display would activate and save loads of battery power.

    If there is animation (fast moving images) the Standard IPS (Super IPS+ II) Display would activate and show vivid colours & fast changing screens.

    What do you think about that ideas?

    Johnathan D.

    1. Thank you for comment on here, I am sure this will give idea of what smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices should be working on.

      I hope you will get your email from me if that what I think it is you send text to me.

      Well, I hope you have a great day.

      Here is one answer for what your question about Galaxy S4 Active. I think you are able to use and fully install for Japanese setting and so on, but is that what you like to do? I mean Morelocale 2 will give you any languages on your devices to put on but you need to make sure you are going to process with command prompt which is windows or mac has program and need to go through with it.
      I have site that show you how to do those steps. Also, you can use galaxy s4 active without that morelocale2 if you can use as unlock device or locked device from your country. It is depend on you what you like to do.