Saturday, October 15, 2011


Actually, Saturday today and I was nothing really doing much... This is really good sometime I don't do anything... but I need to do some stuff tomorrow. I had day off from everything, but I should do some stuff...

Oh yeah here is some stuff...

I am thinking about that going to see a movie tonight or tomorrow... But I am not sure what I am going to watch.

Well, here is one more thing...

I got new phone... which is.. you can guess... lol
It is the iPhone 4S... Well, my iPhone 4 is good and use but not really getting signal around here, and I was really tired of it... So I get a new iPhone device, which iPhone 4S. It's working good as I thought!
(新しい携帯を手に入れました。その携帯は分かると思いますが。。。そうその通りiPhone 4Sです。この頃 iPhone 4 の電波をひろわないという状態が続きさすがにもう耐えきれなかったので、iPhone 4Sに変えました。iPhone 4S は思った通りにちゃんと電波をひろってくれて電話の機能をちゃんと果たしてくれています。今までとそこまで変わりがないのですごく助かっています。)
AT&T website (little bit old one)

Oh yeah, I need go to cook something now but I will post something later!

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