Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I just really really disappointed my cellphone when I am at home... Because it won't connect to signal as it should have, and it always said that "No Service" on Left top corner! How can I fix that???

I just wish my cellphone coverage is better than right now... I need to call someone sometime, but I can not call... Because I don't have any signal on my phone... (TOT)/

Please do something AT&T!!!!!

I am using AT&T more than 6 years...... Still having this kind of trouble... I kind of really bad...

Well, I am trying to find some how I can change that signal receiving better, but I don't want to spend $150 for getting macrocell 3G from AT&T.... Bad signaling  is not what I did for my cellphone, but please do something to fix that! AT&T should work on it! I thought here in Greenville, NC has 3G so it is not a problem?! BUT it is problem for me!

How I can do to get better signal? I love to live in here where I am staying right now... So any advice???

Wish I have better signal and it won't say to me "No Service" on my phone...

here is the picture...
No Service!!!
How come!?
 Well, maybe next time I change phone that time, maybe I will have one little bar or at least I have some signal to show that AT&T signal bar....

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