Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Played for A Moment.

I just look at Kitchen table, and I didn't think what I was thinking before... lol But I thought it is best way to use for Fire King Jade-ite Flower Cup for chopstick rest. It's a nice to use for things like different way...

here is the picture
Fire King Jade-ite Flower Cup
I didn't buy not many flower at my house, so I wasn't sure what to use this one... but I figure out something I can use for all the time, so I thought this way is the best way to use.
Also, it is much easier for me to get chopsticks when I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am not sure how many people think different way or some funny way to use some of these...

Well, hope sometime if I find some other way... I will post here too!

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