Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday Dinner!

I came back around 8pm again, and start cooking which I was really had mind for what I wanted to make. However, turned in I made only few things... I just really tired or something. I am not sure what was going on, but I made only some...

Here is the picture of that.

Thursday Dinner
 I made Fired Eggplants, Vegetable with Chicken, Tuna Tataki, Fired bean sprouts, and Asparagus for main dishes, and rice. That was my dinner, and I enjoyed that a lot. I don't know that taste was  good or not. According to my roommate, he said it's good as general.... so I am not sure! ahaha
Fired Eggplant with some dinner main dish

Fire King Azurite Swirl
Green Tea and Dinner

 After Dinner, I was drinking Green Tea, and I was thinking to eat cake after all. However, I decided not to eat because I ate way too much dinner tonight. Ahaha. Also, I was tired after all today over....

Drinking Green Tea with Azurite Swirl Cup and Saucer
I will have day off tomorrow through Monday, which I have four days off for all of work... that's great! I will be really happy about that! However, I will work on my own study for these days off from school. That would be a great idea for spending spare time of mine. :D

Oh yeah, this week I had more motivation than usually because I use Fire King Cups and Mugs.

I hope everyone has something for fun everyday your life!

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