Saturday, October 1, 2011

1960's Fire-King

I am doing this for my fun and free time, and I like to know what it is and what year it made... So it is a good way to keep stuff like this for my blog as different years of period for all of what I have right now. ahaha

Oh yeah, it is nice to know what year it made as Fire-King, Pyrex, Federal, and so on.

Here comes 1960's collection (which I am using it a lot)

Fire King Custard Cups 1960's

Fire King Custard Cups 1960's

Fire King Kimberly Cup and Bowls 1960 - 1975

Fire King Wheat 1962 - 1966

Fire King Meadow Green Custard Cup 1967

Fire King Meadow Green 1967 - 1977

Fire King GAy Fad 1962 - 1963

Fire King Cornflower handle dish 1964 - 1968

Fire King Game Bird 1964

Fire King Honeysuckle 1959-1962

Fire King Primrose Snack Set
This Fire-King Primrose is 2 years of making style but it is everywhere you can see and get this one less expensive than turquoise blue or Swirl or some other one. I think this one fit your kitchen very well, and I am sure this one will make your breakfast, lunch and dinner good looking. Also, this design is so nice and good with food.
Fire King Primrose 1960 - 1962

This is one I like to use more than several time, and i brought back to Japan past summer for my mother's present. I am sure this makes coffee taste better little bit ahaha. Oh yeah, I like to eat cake with this dish too! ahaha

I am not sure how much stuff I have from 1970's 1980's and 1990's now... but I will try to put some of them if I know it made by these time period, but I am not sure which one would be... lol


Hope you will enjoy it!

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