Saturday, October 1, 2011


TOday start October!

Today is the Saturday, and I don't think I have much stuff to do right now... lol

But I am going to study for my exam anyway... lol Also, I will update my blog later again about 1960's Fire-King.... ahaha

I like to think about what I am going to make lunch and dinner everyday after I collect and have Fire King and some of my favorite things! I am so lucky to have this kind of things. I just have a lot of things for my special things and good thought. I just really like that what I have now!

All that begins only one item which is Fire-King Swirl Cup and Saucer, and if I didn't bought that one. I don't think I have all Fire-King collections what I have right now! :) BUT I have use the Fire-King for 6 years before I bought one, and I even didn't know before what I was using it! ahaha

That makes me little bit sad after all what I have now is not there... That makes me really sad and even that won't happen anymore anyway... :)

Here is the fist one I bought
Fire King Azurite Swirl cup and saucer
bought on September 25th, 2010

Fire King Azurite Swirl cup and saucer

Fire King Azurite Swirl
Logo "oven Fire-King ware" 1949
This is my one favorite Cup and Saucer! (これがお気に入りのファイヤーキングの1つです!)

I am so happy to see this one all the time! I bought that one on September 25th which is my birthday.


I hope I will enjoy use it for long long long time!

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