Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cutting Pumpkin!

I went to a house and help them to make Pumpkin for Halloween on Sunday afternoon, which I was really excited to make one for myself, but I didn't have pumpkin so I was excited to make one and help them. It is nice to have all of the pumpkin we made at that time. We made four pumpkins total with small two pumpkins!

Here is the pictures
Cut face Pumpkin!

Neko Bus Pumpkin 
Elmo's Pumpkin
 Those were we made for face for pumpkins and all of them are happy faceS! Just not sure how that turns out at night until we tried at dark!

Here is trying to get demonstrate in the dark

Pumpkin with Candles!

OH!!! Cat's has good light!

Boo.... BOo... BOOOOO!!!
I am sure this is happy time for making the pumpkin and had a great time! I hope tomorrow we will have a great Halloween!!!

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