Sunday, October 2, 2011

my house kitchen cabinet!

I just took my kitchen cabinet today after I looked at again all of them... I was happy to see a lot of things... lol 
Well, this would good way to see and take pictures for myself, so I can make copy of them.

I just don't think about it long time how much I have... Also how much space I don't have any more... lol I can not put some stuff in there now... lol

Here it is...

Fire King, Pyrex, and Federal
I have Fire King's Mugs and Cups a lot on this cabinet, and I have 2 sets of Federal Snack Set and Fire King Primrose Snack Sets there. I usually use Snack Sets for eating cake with Passion Tea. ahaha I think mugs are around 50 of them in that cabinet, and I use it with coffee when I drink... but usually I like to drink several time a day so I use a lot of them...

90% is Fire King and 10% is Pyrex
Here has my favorite Fire King Colors! My favorite colors of Fire King are  Azurite and Turquoise Blue which are all third low which is very last ones. Also, I am glad to have all of them what I have right now. I just like to use this ones more than other Fire King Series some reason! But it is really nice to use it when I make dinner.

Fire King and Pyrex 

Fire King, Pyrex, and Cornell  
Fire King Cups and Saucers and some mugs

This is what I have all of then right now, but please don't thin I use huge money to buy all... I don't use expensive ones to buy!
I usually buy less expensive ones, so I can get a lot of them as I like.

Well hope you will enjoy looking at this one!

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