Sunday, October 2, 2011


I usually make dinner when I am at my apartment, and I like to use Fire King dishes! It's really nice to make food and place on Fire King dishes.

Tonight, I made Tuna Tataki and Steak with Rice and Miso Soup for dinner on Fire King Turquoise Blue dishes. I usually like to use Fire King Dishes, but I was not sure which one I want to use today. Because I liked to use Swirl Azurite, and drink Green Tea. But all of these, I like to use Turquoise Blue. Also, That makes little bit better for food.

And Tataki (Japanese たたき: "pounded" or "hit into pieces"), also called tosa-mi, is a manner of preparing fish or meat in Japanese cuisine.

Here is what I made today.

Fire King Turquoise Blue
Tuna Tataki and Steak with Rice and Miso Soup
Also, after that dinner, I ate some desserts which is carrot cake and Passion Tea.  I liked to eat dessert with some tea now, and use Fire King Snack set or Federal Snack Set dishes!

here is the dessert
Fire King Primrose Snack Set
Carrot Cake with Passion Tea
I hope I will have some more stuff to eat :D

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