Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some new stuff

I didn't post any pictures these days, and finally I am able to post some picture today. I haven't had time for anything like this kind of  log post these days. So I need to have time for myself to do this.

I got several things this week since I was writing and posting that I am going to put up some pictures.

Here is what I got

Fire King Swirl Sunrise Creamer and Sugar Cup
 This is what I was looking for several months and over year. I just found this one and I am happy to have this one now. Because this make my Fire King Swirl Sunrise Set is complete. Also this makes myself to make my day.
Fire King Swirl Sunrise Series

All of Fire King Swirl Sunrise Set
This one looks so cute and nice from the view of looking and using this is good too. I use this sometime for dinner and so on, but I just like this design. I like to use Swirl Design dishes for lunch and dinner.
Fire King Swirl Azurite
Tuna, steak, rice and miso soup

Fire King Swirl Azurite
Japanese lunch

Fire King Swirl Azurite
dinner table

Spaghetti  and Salad with Fire King Swirl Azurite
These pictures are some of my dinner and lunch time plate use for Fire King swirl azurite, and it looks like better looking for just using it. My food is not much and cheap but using Fire King make it delicious and expensive lunch and dinner. :P

Here is some thing different one.
iPhone 4S Black and White

iPhone 4S back side

3GS, 4, and 4S

iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S
I got new phone which I wrote it yesterday or so... I just want to put up that here. Also, I got iPhone 4S white. I like to have that one since it works really fine and great!
(これは新しい携帯の写真です。iPhone 4S のことについては昨日書いたのですが、写真を載せてみました。特にiPhone 4S のホワイトが来たのでのせてみました。使いやすくそれに電波もいいのですごく気に入っています。)

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