Friday, September 30, 2011


Today, I was working at several different places from 11am to 5pm... lol

But after that, I was looking at my place and thinking about how to change for myself to look at some stuff... But I couldn't think about it.. lol

Well, I just thought that I should think about that 1950's Fire King what I have and I was really happy to see some of them now!

Here is 1950's what I have at my place. :)

Fire King Azurite Charm 1950 - 1956

Fire King Ivory 1955

Fire King Jade-ite 1952

Fire King Game Bird 1959 - 1962

Fire King Honeysuckle 1959 - 1962

Fire King Laurel 1951 - 1965

Fire King Swirl Pink 1952

Fire King Swirl Pink Cup and Saucer 1953

Fire King Turquoise Blue 1956 - 1958
 Fire King's 1950's the most famous one is this turquoise blue, because these dishes and cups made only 2 years of period which from 1956 to 1958. So, it is hard to get all of them. Also, this color is really expensive to buy from antique stores! But I got all of them not that expensive :) So I am gooooood for feel like this all what I have! Y(^a^)Y
Fire King Turquoise Blue 1956 - 1958

Fire King Turquoise Blue 1956 - 1958

Fire King Davy Crochett 1958 - 1959 

Fire King Sapphire Blue 1941 - 1956
Those are what I see my cabinet for 1950's styles, and I like to use all of them as long as I can have some dinner or lunch with it!

Also, I like to use them all everyday and every way!

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