Saturday, May 21, 2011

Table Talk

On Friday, Japanese people have Table Talk like once a month. This is provide by a church people, and one person who is everyone knows person for us.

I like to go there and see what's going on. It is nice to see people in Greenville, NC and who are Japanese people. Also, you can know them and they are really nice people. I am tutoring some of their children. Also, that time I can know people other than who I know already. Also, making new friends there too. I usually talk to some American people, and some Japanese people.

When you go there, you can taste some Japanese food too. It is not only Japanese food, but it is nice to have some food from everyone. I am sure that is really nice and it is really good way to taste Japanese food. I like to invite American friend who are at ECU.

But not all the time, I can invite them. Well it is a good get together community who is from Japan. Also, American people always told me that "Any people are welcome to come here at table talk, and it is good way to people know another culture." Usually Table Talk has some related month Japanese events. So you will enjoy to join there.

Sometime, we will have a lot of things going on but sometime just one or two important things going on.

Well hope I will have fun time next one!!!

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