Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's nice to see some people visit my blog!

I am happy to see a lot of people visit my blog today and access from Japan. I am glad people are visiting my blog. I want to say who visit my blog to "THANK YOU!! :)" I am usually writing my blog every day as long as I can keep up.

This week, I am going to get some more Fire-King Dishes. However, not sure when I will get these item for me. But I couldn't go to Antique Stores this week. BUT I won ebay past weekend. So I hope I will get all what I won this week, and I will up these item sometime next week.

I also have a book about only Fire-King Collection, and it is very nice book. I like to look at inside a lot of time, and I can not believe how many of them are out there.
That book shows all Fire-King series, and what they are with pictures. I am sure that is really people think just a book, but for me make more information to learn and look at.

Well that is what I am going to write down about my stuff. Now, this past weekend, I found some stuff. These are some Fire-King from Antique shops. I am going to put some pictures.
Fire King Meadow Green Custard Cup

Fire King Meadow Green Original sticker inside

Fire King Orange and Block Color Creamer

Fire King / Anchor Hocking Mickey Mouse Mug

Fire King Green Diamond Chili Bowl
 I usually not find this item anywhere but only one place where I went stop on Saturday had this. I was really happy to see this and bought it.
Fire King Jadeite Mug
 This Jadeite Mug is expensive everywhere, and I couldn't reach and buy it, but that antique store one was not too expensive. So I could bought it. I don't have much Jadeite series, but I like to have mugs. So I decided to buy it.
Fire King Jadeite Mug Stamp
I hope everyone enjoy this blog, and maybe you can left comment for me.


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  1. it's nice collection you have... hope you will have a nice Fire King Collection