Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This morning, I got phone call from my mother. That time she told me she lost some of stuff, and she wanted me to help her stuff. So I told my mother to on skype.

Then I talked to her for around one to two hours. That is as usual talking. Then I figure out something I need to do when I go back to Japan.

Also, I need to make sure my VISA is ok after all when I go back to Japan. So that mean, I need go to get VISA from American Consul in Fukuoka to get interview.

But I am not really ready for that yet. But I saved $200 for that VISA program issues. I will be able to do a lot of things here in Greenville, NC.

I think I will be ok to get VISA for F-1 because I am in school and go on. But making sure to have all materials makes difficult. I just need to go to get transcript from ECU as soon as possible. So I can be ok to have all document and take that with me to Japan when I go back to Japan on June 20th.

Well, hopefully, I will be ok everything. ahaha

oh I got new Fire King cup today, but I don't have any picture yet. whenever I get picture I will up here.

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