Friday, May 20, 2011


It's already Friday this week. It went so fast, and I couldn't know until I recognized that today is already Friday.... I lost tracking myself as date. I was trying to think what I did all week, but still not really remember that my days are went away so fast!

But I had a great week, that's what I am thinking about it. Because it went so fast and I have been busy all week, that is good for me. Also, I need to have a lot of thinking time for myself still. I am glad that my summer start as good as I can have. I wish next week and coming June will be like this.

I am so lucky person.
I have several great friends around me.
I can meet several friends in Japan and in Greenville, NC all the time.
I can talk to a lot of people I want to keep in touch with.

Well, if you want to come to Greenville, NC, here is the best place to have friends and make friends. Also, you don't have much to do around here, but you can go anywhere you want within one hour or less. Also, it is great place to study, vacation, and having fun weekend. I will miss here when I go back to Japan. I wish I don't have to go back but I need to get VISA this time. So I have to go back.

Oh well today is very nice day so I am going to walk my dogs, they keep me happy!

I hope everyone enjoy your Friday! and Weekend!

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