Monday, May 2, 2011


I am so surprised that Osama Bin Ladin who is the head of 9.11 terrorism. I was already here in the USA that happen was, and I could not believe that US army got him and killed Yesterday.

I am sure that happen made some people happy, and it is really nice to know for news last night. President Obama announced to everyone in American last night around 11:15pm. I was listening him, and I thought that end of war about 9.11.2001.

I am so happy to hear the news but same time sad to hear about 9.11 who died that day. I have been thinking about people who died that day. I heard news on that day, and I was so sad that real happen. Also, I couldn't believe that happen that time. But when I heard and talked to people when people were sad, mad and really not sure what to do.

Well, now we knew the person who was really head of 9.11 and terrorism, and now we knew that the person is died and killed by USA.

hopefully, this is not making other people to have aftershock and after attack for United States of America. I heard that news anchor said that they are worried about it. But I am sure that is not much worried stuff.

I hope we will have a great days.

Hope everything has peace forever!

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