Friday, May 27, 2011

It's so hot....

In Greenville, NC, it's already hot summer! I can not believe that past few days were around 90°F (around 30℃), and really heavy warm days. Everyone is talking about how hot it is. I usually not here in summer past few years.... It's meaning I usual go back to Japan, and stay in my hometown... lol

OH! I went to several different Antique shops yesterday! I found Antiques in Selma, NC that is located one hour from Greenville, NC.
When I saw that Antiques, I thought that it is a nice and great place to see a lot of Antiques! I am sure that it is a great place to visit. I spend $8 only and get several Fire-King Dishes and Mugs.  I will put some picture of what I bought! ahaha
そこのアンティークショップを見たとき, いっぱいいろいろなアンティークがあるんだなぁと思いました。こんなにあるとすべて見る事ができない!とも思いました。そこにいくのはとてもいいものだと思いました。そこでたった8㌦で数点のファイヤーキングを買う事ができました。とてもいい買い物をしたと思いました。)

here is what I bought yesterday!

Fire King Color Mug

Fire King Mug White

Fire King Meadow Mug

Fire King Ivory Mixing Bowl

Fire King Ivory Cake Brake

Fire King Turquoise Dinner Plate
I bought 6 item for $8 yesterday. Turquoise is usually really expensive and not really able to buy less expensive place.... I am sure that people think that is really that price?

Well I am happy to get all item I got!

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