Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am so happy with my pets!

Today, I was playing with my pets little bit and made me happy after that. I haven't play or do something with them a long time, and I have time little bit more Free time now.

Here I put some pictures what I took few minutes ago.
This is Hana
She is using Fire King and drinking Water 

This is Shiro... It's hard to see....

This is Kuki
he is playing some toy by himself.

Hana likes laying down on pillows!

They are so cute and My favorite pets ever I had. Also, when I have hard time at school that time, they came to me and felt better after all. I am surely happy to have them all the time.
Hana was the first pet I had in Greenville, NC, and she lives with me already 6 years and I am so happy to have her. I can not image she is not with me anymore.
Kuki is second dog for me. He gives me hard time sometime, but he is cute doggie, and makes company with Hana.
Shiro is the hamster, and he is the newest pet I have now.

By the way, I finally get a mug what I really wanted to buy a long time which is Fire King McDonald Mug Cup. I looked everywhere around Greenville, NC and some places but I haven't had chance to find one yet until last Saturday. I was so happy to see and hold it! I bought it after all. Now I have several different mugs for Fire King.
This is Fire King McDonald's Mug Cup
"Good Morning" Mug Cup!

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  1. ワンちゃんの表情に和みます。


    特にカナダ版(吹き出しの下あたりに、メープルの葉の模様がついている)は 日本国内でも高騰してますよ。もし安く見つかったらラッキーですね!