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May 3rd, 2011




East Carolina University (ECU)は環境面では都会の中にある学校ですがノースカロライナ州の中では都会の中の田舎という所にあります。グリーンビルは都会ではあるのですがまだまだ他の年に比べると田舎であると行ってもいい所があります。高層ビルがあるわけではありませんし、学生の街になっている部分もあります。

寮費・食費: 約9000ドル


Well now, I am going to talk about Greenville and ECU from my view in English. I am a graduate student at ECU and majoring MS in Software Engineering. I think we have various major at undergraduate and graduate School education. One of strong field of study is Education, also field of Medicine and Nursing. Undergraduate majors are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and so on where it is related to Medicine is stronger area at ECU. But still they have good program for all over majors. Also, a lot of people are working at ECU and who live in Greenville, people are working at ECU most of time. I am sure ECU is big part of Greenville society and students who is around here knows what's going on.

For my view that graduate school students has a lot of opportunity to work as Graduate Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, and/or Graduate Research Assistant. International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, and that give us to take 6 hours credits for Graduate Courses which is better then taking 9 credit hours for semester.

In this university, professors are working with you and making sure that we are able to learn and success for what we are learning from them. Also, they are always help us and welcome to ask the questions we have about classes, research topics, and/or our problems. It is nice to have someone like them being alone here. Also, American students who are my friends, and working together sometime. They are a great help for any of us. I am sure that people have feeling like that anytime. Also, I am sure that is the most important university life in America.

In Greenville, Around here American people are really nice and friendly for me and other people. Also, most of international students who talked to me that they thought American people were really great and sweet for us.

It is nice and good. Just one think you may concern that food and eating diet. If you want to eat something good stuff, maybe you can have some good food from cafeteria at university. However, that is not really for some of people, but people can go out to eat sometime and get good Japanese food, Italian, Indian food, Thai, Korean, and Chinese foods around here in Greenville.

Oh well, it is not much to say after all, but you can read this explain a lot more about Greenville's students' life. On weekend...

i will talk about that weekend tomorrow!

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