Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today, before my friend comes to here, so I am trying to clean some stuff here at my apartment.... Well, not much to do so I think it should be ok.

Oh, I bought some another stuff yesterday, and I am trying to figure out how to do... lol

Here is some thing I bought....

Fire King Swirl White

Fire King Sapphire Blue Glass

Fire King Sapphire Blue 4 Dishes

Fire King Bubble Sapphire Blue Salad plate

Fire King Bubble Sapphire Blue Dinner plate
 I bought all together 7 items for not too expensive, and I was lucky to get them "Fire King Sapphire Blue Dishes from 1939". I found that one that time, I was so happy and I was surprised.

I usually see that "Fire King Sapphire Blue dishes" around $30 ~ $70 in the Antique Shops. But I bought ones are not really expensive. So I was really really surprised.

Here, I made some display at my house, and I tried to make look like better for Fire-King Cup and Saucers. I think it is not really good but I just displayed it, so maybe it is good to see people come to my house... maybe...

Fire King Cup and Saucer Collection

Fire King display
You may see that top of that right picture I put my hamster's cage. He came out from where he sleeps usually, and seems like he is kind of surprised ....

Looks like he does not know what to do....

He looks like fine here....
and making mass again....
He looks like making a lot of mass for where he lives. ... ahaha


  1. Hello,Eiichi.My name is Chihiro. I'm living in VA now. I found your blog today! Even though I am shy,I can't help to write you because I love Fire King and your pets Corgi.I did not like dogs before I met Corgi and also I didn't know how Corgi is so cute and friendly.I love to have Corgi soon. By the way,I love to have any kind of Fire King things,but I can't find any Fire King in the antique shop here...maybe I am not good at finding. I have one Fire King's mug in Japan,so I can't wait to have one as mine. Your Fire King collections are so beautiful. I hope I could get them some day like you...I am so happy to see your blog and I will continue to read your blog! Thank you so much,Eiichi.

  2. Hello Chihiro,

    Thank you for commenting my blog. I usually write down some blog everyday, and if I bought something like that, I usually wrote and post here. Where do you come from in Japan? I came from Kumamto. Oh one more, where in VA do you live? I went to VA several times. Also, I found some Fire-King. So Please let me know these answers.

    Oh I hope you will have some Fire-King sometime. I hope I can help you.

    Well, Hope talk to you sometime.

    Talk to me here in my blog!