Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Past two days.

29th night to Yesterday, I was in Durham, NC. I was staying in my friend's apartment who is came here from Japan. He is one of my elementary to Junior high classmate. I was so happy to see him and talk to him. It's nice to see my friend near here in Greenville, NC.

I was trying to help my friend buying car yesterday, and he got one. It was a really nice car. I hope he will enjoy having that car.  Then we went to Korean restaurant after all. It was nice place and I like it.  I need to come back to Greenville for tutoring at night, so I left there after lunch. But I am hopping to see him again sometime. It's really good to have friend near me. 

Well, I hope everyone had a great memorial weekend! Hope not too hot this week....

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