Thursday, May 19, 2011

I got Fire King / Anchor Hooking dishes, cups.

Today, I got some Fire King and Anchor Hocking Dishes, cup, and so on.

I usually get from auction for Fire King cheaper than Antiques, but it won't be that good sometime. But this time, I got good deal and great condition ones. That is so good to have all addition to my collection.

Anchor Hooking (Fire King) "Teal Trim"
 I never seen this cup and saucer before but this is newer than most of Fire King/Anchor Hooking dishes. Also, I am so happy to have all different kind of these dishes.
Fire King Ivory Chili Bowl
 This bowl is good with rice and soups... I really wanted to have this color chili bowl, but I couldn't get it long time. Now, I am so happy to have many of this color dishes.
Fire King Ivory Custard Cup
 I really like this color of Fire King dishes and cups
Fire King Ivory Custard Cup
it said that "FIRE-KING OVEN GLASS"

 I like this color. Also, this would be perfect for using some making of deserts. I am sure it will be looks good with that.
Fire King Alice Blue Trim
This Fire King Alice is really nice cup and saucer and I really like to use it when I have free time and coffee time. This cup and saucer are making coffee looks delicious (>.<)v

I am so happy to have all these dishes what I have right now, and it is really nice to collect all and use them all.

I am collecting as much as I can from everywhere in the US, but I will try to keep all of them as good condition and maybe make my family traditions like an heirloom a family treasure.! :P maybe not... but I hope I can keep all this for my children for my future life.

I am not sure they think it is a worse to collect, but i am sure this will be a good dishes to collect anyway!

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