Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a long time....

This morning, I made a breakfast for a long time, and looks good to me. I am so happy to see that I still can make some breakfast when i wake up around 5am. Usually, I don't have much time when I wake up then I go to school or work so I usually skip breakfast, but today i really want to eat... So I made one.

here is what I made.

Fire King Turquoise Snack Set Dish
but I use for breakfast dish. 
Well, it is not breakfast dish but I made breakfast and put it on. Then it looks really good, and came out good to me.

I feel like rich person lol :P just joking...  I just felt I am having a good time anyway

ahaha Hope everyone has same morning like I did.


  1. Hello Eiichi!
    Thank you for answering! I was looking for my comment but I couldn’t find what you answered it even I read your blog every week. Now I can answer you! I am from Morioka, Iwate. I came from Tokyo and also when I lived there for 7 years, I found Fire-King! I went to see Fire-King’s shop there but I couldn’t buy it! Because it’s so expensive to get these things! After I found your blog, I tried to go to Antique shop around my area every weekend. I found some Fire-King’s mug cups but there are only a few kinds of Fire-King. I don’t think I collect Fire-King’s things like you! But I will try to keep looking! I am living Northern Virginia close to Washington D.C. area. I also went to adoption event in Petsmart every weekend for finding Corgi or cat,but I still can’t find Corgi and what I like cat. I think I will take a time to find more.
    Have a wonderful time in Kumamoto! I will keep reading your blog!

  2. Hello Chihiro,

    Thank you for comment on my post! and I am glad to hear from you.

    I am glad to hear that you found some Fire King mug at Antique shop. Well, If I can visit there, maybe we can go to take around your area's antique shops and I can tell you some other's... I am sure I can go there since I have a car. When I go back to US that time I will try to contact with you.

    also, thank you for reading my blog.

    I wil try to post as much as I can!