Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mega Antique Shop in VA

I went to Williamsburg, VA. I found a Antique Mall there, and I didn't think they have more than 10,000 stuff in the store. I went to there around 1pm and I found several stuff there for few hours. But I just show only 10% of there stuff.

The store describes "the store with over 400 dealers, many from out of state, occupying the 45,000 square feet, the Mall is larger than most similar facilities and has more dealers." So I think it is best place to go there for once a month or something like that.

Here is what I got from there.
Fire King Ivory Custard Cups

Fire King Ivory Pie Pan

Fire King Jadeite Pitcher

Fire King Jadeite Pitcher 20oz

Fire King Wheat Dessert Bowl

Fire King Gray Laurel Dessert Bowl

Fire King Outline Fruit Bowl with Handle

Fire King Mug with Mickey Mouse in 1980

Fire King Mug with Mickey Mouse in 1980

Fire King Mug with Character with McDonald

Fire King Kimberly White

Fire King Kimberly All Colors

Fire King Use... :)

These are what I bought today.... I will not buy this collections for while, but this was nice trip to go there and found some of them like that. I didn't spend much. It was not really expensive to buy all. 

Well hopefully someday, I will go there again.

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