Wednesday, April 3, 2013

warmer day!

April 3rd, 2013.
Actually, today was a warm day, and I was walking with my dogs for 30 minutes or so. I just wanted to check my mail and same time, and same time I just wanted to take several pictures. It's a nice day out here and I really like that. I was having a nice and good day for long time. I am not sure how long I didn't have like this kind of day. Also, I was thinking that I should have like this kind of my relaxing time for myself once a day and so on.  I guess I am just enjoying the day like this and maybe this kind of day make my mind refresh, and hopefully make somehow it will be better! ahaha. I am going to post some pictures.

here is outside pictures
back of my apartment where I live

have some out space!

See some spring flowers (very small blue/purple color flowers
This is my Suzuki SX4 just outside of my apartment
I hope everyone had chance to enjoy your day of life like I did, and it's been a nice and great day for you! Also, I am sure everyone will have a great time when you have anything you like to do!

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