Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lunch and Dinner!

I almost forgot that I am going to post a or two picture about what I ate today at Lunch and/or Dinner. However, I was not sure where to start again, so I just decided to post another blog today and make up for today's Lunch and Dinner meal and picture post on here. I ate some Tuna Tataki at Lunch today, for breakfast.... I didn't eat much. Oh yeah, I use Fire King Dishes like I usually post in here.  At lunch, I use fire king jadeite shell dishes and some soup bowl. However, I can see that I am in America but still I ate really Japanese dish today. Well, it seems like healthy but still ate alot... So I need to do some exercises sometime later... So I decided to walk my dogs for 30 to 40 minutes. I run for little bit... so maybe that makes my calories burned....

here is my Lunch Picture
Lunch Time
Use: Fire King Jadeite Shell Dishes
 For Dinner, I ate simple meal, and that was just rice ball (onigiri) and miso soup. I ate that half of them and I will eat rice ball tomorrow in the morning. I am not really able to a lot of food not that much.... I was able to eat like this much every day, but those day, I just can eat some of them and left over for morning.... ahaha. This time, I use Fire King Turquoise Blue dinner plate dish. Well, I like to use this one.

here is dinner picture
Dinner Time
Use: Fire King Turquoise Blue dinner plate

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