Friday, April 5, 2013

Good Food to eat!

I made a good food today and actually I like to taste it when I make it. I wasn't sure how to make before, but I search on website and I made it. ahaha. Well, it looks like I know one more meal how to make it now. I wasn't sure how much I like to eat this food, but I guess that I can make to eat as long as I have enough stuff. Well, I am trying to make other food tomorrow and Sunday, but I am doing healthy diet for now same time. I am trying to get my weight for 115-120lb. So I can be a good shape for looks too! lol. I am not a good looking guy, but I just want to be more health than right now I am. I hope one day, I will change back to who I was sometime before summer start! lol

here is picture
at Lunch!
Use: Turquoise Blue lunch plate.

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