Thursday, April 4, 2013

Raining Day

Unfortunately, today is raining and not really can go to outside.... So I am trying to get some work done and so on. Well, before ran started, I walked with my dogs for half hour. I like to walk with them everyday. I wish I could walk with them longer, but I cannot walk today anyway. ahaha. It is a nice to know dogs loves me and I am going to have a good time with them when I have too much stressed. Oh yeah, I made some lunch today, but one thing I just warmed up Takoyaki... so it is not really making it. lol ahaha.... I use Fire King Turquoise Blue and Azurite Swirl, and so on. Also, I made coffee with Fire King Coffee mug with Snoopy. I like to use this anyway. 

here is the pictures
Really Cloudy
Use: Fire King Turquoise Blue, Swirl Azurite

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