Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Week Start Drama for Japan.

This week start several more dramas in Japan, and I am kind of surprised some of them. I understand that it is good to see several of them, however, it has some of dark dramas too. Well, I like to show here for what title of drama started this week.

Now, all Japanese drama is on TV, and total number of drama is 33 dramas!

Here is the list of Japanese drama

Galileo 2nd season (ガリレオ 2)
Monday 9pm

Positive proof ~ Metropolitan Police Investigation Division 3 (確証〜警視庁捜査3課)
Monday 8pm
The second movement (第二楽章)
Tuesday 10pm
Metropolitan Police Department First Investigation Division Scientific Criminal Unit (遺留捜査)
Wednesday 9pm
Stairs of Cloud (雲の階段)
Wednesday 10pm
Family Game (家族ゲーム)
Wednesday 10pm
Doubles ~ Two Detectives (ダブルス〜二人の刑事)
Thursday 9pm
Sneaks Detective Lizard (潜入探偵トカゲ)
Thursday 9pm
Take Five ~ Is that possible to steal love ~ (Take Five〜俺たちは愛を盗めるか〜)
Friday 10pm
I am sure all of them are very interesting to know what's going on. However, all of them are impossible to watch for a week. So I am sure I only see one or two of them!

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