Saturday, April 13, 2013

OH NO!!!!

I was so mad to Toyota company who are selling to my mother. They made my mother to buy a new car, and it was a good thing for my mother and them so far until now. They order and registered my mother's car them, finally we are going to talk about car insurance. They are going to make a good deal when they started to talk them, Japanese car insurance company made new deal option for new cars which is called "New price vehicle insurance special contract". That is if you get an accident and if the car fix cost is more than 50% of what you bought car price, insurance company will pay total of new car cost what you own for 37 months. So that mean, if you bought new car for $25,000, then you get an accident for within 3 years and that repair cost cost $12,500 or more, you will be able to get a new car with $25,000 again. That is a good deal, however, they were talking about to my mother that we can not offer this deal 37 months because my mother's car is registered on March 27th, 2013 and last
fiscal year and April 1st, started new fiscal year. So she will lose 13 months for coverage for this New price vehicle insurance special contract deal.  Then, I went to insurance company website and it said that from registered year and month to within 37 months, a new car owner will be able to get this special deal. It didn't say anything about Fiscal Year term or deal. Then only 4 days to get registered to change makes 13 month more to covered this new car or not is not make sense to me or anyone. Just insurance company want to get money from customer seems like. Well, I hope this will solve soon!

This is the store which made this ridiculous problem! 

By the way, my mother will buy a Prius from Toyota.


  1. That's no way. That shouldn't happen.

  2. 最悪ですね〜