Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting hot weather.

Today was a good and nice weather today again, but it was a hot weather. I saw high was around 85F degrees. However, this warm/hot weather is until Friday since we will have winter storm coming toward to here.

outside was really fine weather!

Well, it was a hot weather, so I decided to wash my dogs and make sun to dry them up. ahaha. Actually, I went to outside for more than one hour, and play with my dogs after they took shower. now they are feel like really soft and I like to hug them all the time. However, I couldn't do that until they dry out and got out extra fur which is winter coat for them. Summer time, this is one thing I don't like to deal with them. I am hopping that I will not think too much this kind of thing. I will try to make dogs walk every day outside and getting fur out from them when I walk with them. OH shit! I forgot to take picture of them when they were wet.... lol...Well next time, I will try to remember and take them.


Today, I kind of skip lunch but I ate early dinner. So I am not too hungry for night. Also, I will go to bed early to night since I need to wake up early tomorrow and hopping I will have a good day again like today!

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