Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family Game, Finally Started! and My Favorite Dish!

One of Japanese TV Drama  finally started tonight, but I didn't see yet. However, I am sure this drama will show that some part of what education in Japan and other part of Japanese society. Well, I am excited to see this later. I need to do other things first then I will watch that video. I like to watch on time, but I don't think I can do that unless I watch through internet or so on. Well, I will try to do a lot of things a day, but I am sure that makes my life is fun. Today, actually I wanted to write for what kind of food I like to eat. Since I made my favorite dish and meal today's lunch. I was not sure what to write before I start this, but for my title you can see one is that drama but another is my favorite dish.

Well, here is my favorite dish.
One of My favorite food
Rice and Tune Taraki
Use: Fire King Azurite Swirl Dish
This is one of my favorite food meal, and you an make this quickly when you don't have much time for spending cooking for lunch or dinner. Tuna Tataki is a good taste and less salt to make. Also, you don't need to use a lot of oil too. Oh yea, you can see that healthy than other meat dishes. For dishes, I use Fire King Azurite Swirl lunch plate and Fire King Azurite Chili Bow. Those are my favorite color dish for Fire King series. I am trying to think that how many dishes I have right now.... lol

I hope everyone will have a good good day!!!!

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