Monday, April 8, 2013

Start week

I saw news everywhere on internet that Japan is started a new week of school and so on. Well, here in America is middle of school year. American school will end in June. So seems like Japan's first semester was ending similar time. Just America and Japan's difference is Summer time really off from school for kid in America... But Japan, kids will have some kind of summer homework from teachers. It's a nice thing that summer vacation, students and parents don't need to think about any school work in here and will have a lot of other things can do together. I am sure Japanese way is a good one too but still American way is good too! I just thought this anyway. I like both systems. It's way of education for students, and when the school start is different that makes this system differences. I won't say that which one is better, but just my mind both are good system. ahaha
oh yeah, I took a picture of Sakura near here. I just wanna post here what look like.

this picture taken by iPad 3

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