Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kasukana Kanojo (幽かな彼女)

I was watching Faint Woman and Legal High from Japan for drama today. I was kind of surprised that that Fain Woman use a lot of Fire King for display and advertising to everyone. I saw that for first beginning of drama, and I was happy and talked about this so long with my roommate. I am sure people are thinking that how come Jdrama use this many of them and putting advertising for this Fire King things. I am wondering that too, but I guess Japan has Fire King company now, and they need to advertising to everyone who does not know. However, this many of cups and others for one drama use was first time, I saw in my watching drama life. So I am going to watch this drama every week. So I can find that kind of cup and what kind of Fire King drama will be use for. Well, this is only one I surprised yet. I surprised one more thing that was Legal High will be on TV again in Fall, 2013. That makes me so happy and I am really excited to see that! Hopefully, I will update more this!

here is Faint Woman's picture

This is screen shot from TV

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