Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's not that worth to deal with

It is not worth to deal with buying new car in Japan. I am sure it is better that asking them and making sure that new car is all what you want to and what you trying to buy, but if store  people said to you that I don't think that is good idea. After that, we want to know why that is not a good idea to have it. Well, if the people can not explain that what it is then don't trying to figure out what you want to get it. Just if you like that system or not is more important than the store's opinion sometime. If the store's opinion has point that one system may cause some problem then you listen that, but if not that cause you don't need to listen them. They were just wanted to get money from us! That's what I figure out!

Well,  I just want to say that!

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