Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Huh !(>. <)!?

I was thinking really hard time to figure out that I like to eat something, and I was web searching to get recipe for that time. That recipe was Tom Yum Soup. I ate that every time I got o Thai restaurant, and get it at least two soups. Because it is so good to eat, and it is one of my favorite dish! Well, so that is why I like to make it by myself as I can get recipe from web and tried to make it. I was not sure if that soup turn out to eatable or taste ok or maybe not able to eat!. However, when I made it smells ok and seems like I can eat it! So, I took picture.

here is the picture
Tom Yum Shrimp Soup
Use: Fire King Turquoise Blue Soup Bowl
Well, after I took this picture, I ate it, and I was so happy that it was so good!!! I am sure next time, if I make it I will get better. I was so happy that first time I made but still I really like to eat it! Just one tip, for 1 soup dish cost is around $0.89.

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