Monday, April 15, 2013

Quite and Nice Day

I actually had a quite and a nice day today, and I was trying thing to do many things. Also, I was trying to watch some news from Japan. Because I like to know what's going on in Japan right now. Well, it is a nice day so I went to walk my dogs. After that I made lunch and dinner since it was little bit late day. I ate small amount of lunch deal then I made a lot of dinner food, but I am sure I won't be able to eat all so tomorrow morning. It's looks good to eat but still my stomach is not that big! lol Well, Hopefully I will eat all tomorrow and will make something tomorrow lunch and so on. I took picture before I start eat diner, but I will eat this little bit later! ahaha. Now, I am trying to find that what I am going to watch tonight after dinner. I am not sure what I can see. Well, I can still watch some more news from Japan and so on. Oh one thing, I will going to watch is Late show on Monday.

here is dinner
Fire King Jadeite Jane Ray Dishes

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